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Sarah RONHOVDE trainer


Campbell River, British Columbia
TRE® Certification Trainer (TRE®-CT), advanced Certified TRE® Provider (TRE-CP)
Physiotherapist (MPT) at Epic Phsyiotherapy

Sarah Ronhovde was introduced to TRE in 2015, as a potential intervention to help facilitate her own healing journey.

She was immediately taken by the methodology and felt it was the missing link in both her own healing journey as well as so many others she treated as a Physiotherapist. Three weeks after initiating the TRE process in her own body, she began training as a provider and has been experiencing the benefits both personally and professionally ever since.

Upon seeing the powerful changes that can occur through adding the TRE process to other physiotherapy interventions, Sarah has deeply enjoyed honing her skills as a provider, mentor, educator and trainer. Training providers was a dream she was passionate on fulfilling and was thrilled to be asked to join the TRE Certification Training Team and Community.

Working both online and in person, Sarah works and teaches through a holistic lens, with an awareness of how body, mind and spirit are linked in the healing process. TRE has helped her understand more clearly how our physiology is naturally designed to heal and return to balance and in doing so how we can grow in consciousness, presence and self-awareness.

Sarah brings her natural energetic and enthusiastic presence to her work with TRE. She balances the latest research in tension, stress and trauma with trusting the innate wisdom known to be found in the human organism. She looks forward to working with you in whatever stage on your TRE journey you are.

Sara Clark Trainer


Calgary, Alberta
TRE® Certification Trainer Trainee, advanced Certified TRE® Provider (TRE- CP)

Sara Clark is a Ctt, TRE® Mentor, advanced certified TRE® Provider, as well as, Social Worker (MSW, RSW), registered International Expressive Arts therapist in Calgary, AB.

Sara has been involved with TRE® since 2016 and was trained by Joan McDonald, Donna Philips and Dr. David Berceli. Sara has over 20 years working with children, youth and families in AB, BC and SK working in cities and rural communities with diverse populations.

Sara currently runs a private practice offering therapy and TRE®. She also works for the Alberta Health Services.


Wendy MORLEY trainer


Sarnia, Ontario
TRE® Certification Trainer Trainee, advanced Certified TRE® Provider (TRE- CP)

Wendy Morley is TRE® mentor and an advanced TRE® provider, TRE®Ctt. Wendy lives near Sarnia, Ontario Canada. Wendy graduated from Western University with her B.A. honours in Kinesiology and Psychology.

She went on to attain her Master’s in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University and is registered psychotherapist. Wendy has been a certified advanced Craniosacral / Somatoemotional release Therapist for over 20 years.

Wendy completed her TRE certification with Joan McDonald. Her passion to bring TRE to everyone led her to enrol in the MTT program with David Berceli and Donna Phillips and is currently a Trainer Trainee. Wendy has also studied Reflexology and Qi gong. Wendy enjoys working with the mind/body integration and loves to share and teach her knowledge.


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